Contributing to a new vision for cacao cultivation

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One goal of the Cacao Forest project is to raise awareness nationwide, in both the public and private sectors, of the importance of agroforestry practices in ensuring the sustainability and quality of cacao cultivation in the Dominican Republic.

Contribuer à une nouvelle vision de la culture du cacao
To meet this goal, the project acts like a catalyst, facilitating a national dialogue between public and private players about the role of agroforestry systems in cacao cultivation and the main challenges facing the Dominican cocoa industry.

It disseminates the project results, which form the experimental basis that helps to determine industry policy along with government and private intervention at different levels.

The academic sector has also engaged with these exchanges, setting up the Local Monitoring Committee, which is made up of representatives from businesses, government organisations, cooperatives, associations and universities.







Ministry of the Environment




Ministry of Agriculture


Comisión Nacional del Cacao






As the Cacao Forest project has progressed, two major working groups have been set up within the Local Monitoring Committee (CSL) to participate in drafting public and educational policy proposals aimed at ensuring a long-term future for cocoa production in the country and the resilience of small producers:
A working group run by the Lyon-based agricultural school Isara in France and by the Dominican higher education sector, with a view to creating an agroforestry education proposal for the Dominican cocoa industry. The idea behind this proposal is to start to incorporate agroecology and agroforestry into agricultural education in the Dominican Republic and to develop local expertise and know-how to pave the way for future rehabilitation and renewal initiatives in the Dominican cocoa industry. An academic cooperation agreement between the university UNEV and Isara in Lyon, signed at the beginning of 2022, has laid the foundations for a new diploma in Dominican cacao agroforestry, the first qualification of its kind in the country.
Contribuer à une nouvelle vision de la culture du cacao
Contribuer à une nouvelle vision de la culture du cacao
A working group featuring cacao industry representatives from both the public and private sectors, involved in drawing up a proposal for an agroforestry-based National Rehabilitation and Renewal Plan for Dominican cacao. This process, led jointly with the Comisión Nacional del Cacao, has the merit of constructing a participatory proposal that incorporates the different visions of the various stakeholders in the cocoa production and export chain.
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