Innovation for a long-term cocoa cultivation

Driven by a wide variety of players, Cacao Forest’s vision is to innovate for sustainable cocoa cultivation.

We will bring a revolution into the cocoa industry!

Current cocoa farming methods, though technically viable, are simply not sustainable for small farmers. We believe that to ensure the future of cocoa and the livelihoods of those work with it, we need to do things differently. Cacao Forest aims to develop lasting agroforestry-based solutions that are adapted to needs and limitations of smallholder farmers. For us, the best way to achieve this is through extensive, scientific research that draws upon analysis of existing practices, collaborative creation of new cocoa cultivation models and the involvement of stakeholders all along the value chain.

Culture du cacao durable et responsable

Innovation is at the heart of Cacao Forest

Our approach aims to establish alternative ways of growing cocoa to the mainstream model, which is intensive and unsustainable. We develop these new methods through applied research and by drawing on the expertise of different actors throughout our value chain. The scale and nature of our work is groundbreaking, drawing as it does on multidisciplinary research, from agaronomy to socio-economics, as well as on the design and transfer of innovation, that brings together a multitude of actions on the plantation and in so doing, creates a regional impact. We work with farmers in a number of cocoa growing regions across the world, developing new, effective and sustainable methods that work for all. Together, we are innovating to pioneer an alternative approach to cocoa, an approach base.

Culture du cacao durable et responsable

Cacao Forest is a new way of working

We believe in collaboration and partnership, rather than in competition. For a viable alternative approach to agriculture to flourish, the solutions we create must work for all involved. Through Cacao Forest, private companies, scientists, educators, and end-consumers are for the first time partnering with producers and local experts to create a way to grow cocoa that will help society and the environment over the long term.

Culture du cacao durable et responsable

Our focus is on the long-term future of cocoa

We want to find lasting solutions that will improve farmers’ lives and improve the resilience of the cocoa sector as a whole. We believe that it is only possible to improve farmers’ livelihoods over the long term if the agroforestry models we develop also help the environment. Agroforestry-based solutions work with the local environment, not against it, increasing the likelihood that they will take root and flourish long term. We aim build a solid base of sustainable practices that make a positive impact across the value chain and inspire others to join us. Ultimately, our aim is that the new models we develop become widely adopted, creating a truly sustainable cocoa industry.

Innover ensemble pour la cacaoculture de demain

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Innover ensemble pour la cacaoculture de demain

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