The FUPAROCA foundation run by the Dominican producer and exporter Rizek Cacao and the German chocolate maker Weinrich Schokolade has adopted two of the four innovative agroforestry models developed by Cacao Forest for its “Cacao Bio Durable” project in the Dominican Republic. Following an agreement signed in September 2021 between the Cacao Forest Project and the FUPAROCA Foundation, agroforestry model numbers 3 and 4 will be replicated in Hato Mayor Province in an extension of the REP consisting of 18 experimental parcels (4.5 ha) managed by nine additional Dominican cacao-producing families.

Cacao Forest et Fuparoca

Training of the Fuparoca/Sustainable &Organic Cocoa  team in Hato Mayor to introduce the REP process.

In October 2021, the Cacao Forest project’s CIRAD team began training and assisting its counterparts from the “Cacao Bio Durable” project on the ground to introduce the models. This new collaboration will provide more information on how these agroforestry models perform in a new cacao-producing region, which can then be shared with other organisations.